How I Take Care of My Acne Skin


I used to have severe acne. I’m not saying that my skin is perfect now. I’ve come such a long way, and want to tell you what I’m currently doing with my skincare, what changed my skin up. I want to help a lot of you that are bowing with acne. Because most teenagers have acne. When I was in middle school, my skin was so bad. It’s getting better now; I have a better sense of what to do with my skin because I am more familiar with it and I know how it works.

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My number one tip is never to poke a pimple, never squeeze it. Don’t do anything to it; it leaves scars. I have scars, and I wish that I never touched it. So, if your skin is starting to break out, don’t start poking your pimples, don’t ever poke your pimples.


Before I elaborate on my skincare routine, there’s one thing that changed my skin. One of my mom’s friends recommended this to me. It’s the apple stem cell. I know some of my friends used to have this and it was claimed just an advertisement. But there’s something about it that whenever I take it, my skin gets clearer so much quicker compared to if I skip the day or skip two days. I can see the effect immediately. If you are having severe problems as I had, my forehead was just full of pimples, it was so annoying, and this helped me calm it down. The only bad thing I think about this is that there is reliance. I depend on this so much, I always have to repurchase, and it doesn’t fix my skin completely. But if you want to try something that would work immediately, the apple stem cells drastically changed my skin.


I’m going to start with my night care routine. I always make sure that I cleanse my face. Removing makeup is such an important step. That’s why if you have a lot of bumps on your face or your skin, they are caused by makeup that you didn’t get rid of at night. I like to take a makeup wipe and remove the surface of the makeup. I always want to double cleanse. I use a face gel to clean my face. I tried the cleansing oil, and it leaves my skin so greasy, and I don’t feel clean at all.


And my last cleanse is using my Clarisonic brush. Once you start using the face brush, you are going to experience a purge. Not all of you but most of you probably will because it is removing the dead cells and resurfacing the cells that want to break out. It gets inside the pores. What I also like about the Clarisonic is that it has a timer, so I know how long I should stay in a particular area. One thing I do want to remind yoг is that if you are going to need the Clarisonic, make sure to change your brushes every three months because buildup on the brush is possible. And if you keep using the same brush, then that’s just putting more dirt on your face.

Lately, I’ve been trying the African bar soap. I do see a difference in my skin. It is more moisturized. I’ve never used a cleanser that is so gentle and just comfortable after washing it.

Anti-Wrinkles Massages Review

In this article, I will tell you some Korean beauty secrets. Don’t go anywhere and keep reading until the very end because we’re going to be introducing the secret to have to get that baby face and a unique massage that can help you to stay looking young.

You may be curious how to do anti-aging massages. I am going to tell you about some Korean anti-aging massages that are very effective. Your skin should not be irritated; we want to reduce the irritation as much as possible. To reduce irritation, do these massages when the skin is moisturized. Put on massage cream or put on your night moisturizer and then massage and that will help to reduce the irritation. Perform the massage using a facial oil to make the process much easier.


Now it’s the V-line. These massages help to ease the muscles around your jaw area, and it helps with skin’s elasticity. In the case of our gentleman, whose muscles are more intense, we suggest that you use a facial oil and that will help to ease the muscles much more.

  1. Closing both hands into fists, lightly follow upward from the middle of the chin to the area behind the ears.
  2. Placing your fists behind your ears, massage with circular motions.
  3. Repeat ten times.


Now, these are the massages to improve dark circles. This is a massage that’s going to help with dark circles by helping the blood circulation around your eyes. This can be much better with you rubbing your hands together and using the heat from your hand.

  1. Use the thumbs to lightly give pressure from the front of the brows to the outer brow.
  2. Using the point finger and middle finger, slightly press the area below the eyes from the front of your eyes to the outer corners.
  3. Please repeat this motion ten times.


Now, this is a massage to prevent frown lines. This massage not only helps to prevent the brown wrinkles but it also contributes to getting rid of the fatigue around your eyes.

  1. Ball up both hands into fists.
  2. Starting from the temples lightly press the skin in a diagonal line for three seconds or longer.
  3. Repeat ten times.


The last one is for our laugh lines. To help the muscle be lifted around our laugh lines, the main point here is to expand the skin on the areas of your cheeks by holding air in the mouth.

  1. Lightly close the mouth and puff up the cheeks with air. Maintain for five seconds.
  2. Repeat this motion, changing sides each time.
  3. Repeat ten times.

Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

In this article we want to talk about some natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, how you fit them into your lifestyle and how effective are they going to be for you.

Let’s take a look at what we have here. Erectile dysfunction is not necessarily the end disease that we are talking about. It’s a symptom of something else. It’s a pain; nobody wants it. You don’t take the pill for ED; you take stuff for what’s causing ED. And ED is mainly caused by poor blood flow. Erection works by blood flowing into the penis for an erection. Without proper blood flow, there is no erection. These problems can be caused by diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, or what they call the metabolic syndrome, which is being overweight and a number of other conditions. But its’ poor blood flow.

We want to talk about four particular male enhancement treatments, and they are going to seem somewhat different, but they all work at increasing the availability of something called nitric oxide. And nitric oxide increases blood flow.

The first is what’s called flavonoids rich foods, and they’re primarily fruits, but some vegetables, also blueberries, cherries, blackberries, radishes, citrus, red wine, offer flavonoids. Flavonoids help heal the cardiovascular system. And when you were working on good blood flow, you’re really working on healing the lining of the cardiovascular system. Flavonoids are one factor that does that.

Another factor is getting an L-Aginine supplement or trying to get some food to have naturally occurring L-Arginine in it. L-Arginine is an amino acid, and it’s a precursor to nitric oxide, meaning that when you introduce it into your system, it stimulates the formation of and can change into nitric oxide. And nitric oxide is essential for getting and maintaining an erection.

Maintaining proper weight. I mean we’ve all heard that you need to exercise, you need to have a proper diet. Extra pounds, the primary problem with that it is that it helps produce cardiovascular issues, it helps to produce diabetes. Both of those are really devastating to the cardiovascular system, really devastating to the lining of the arteries and veins which produce nitric oxide.

Hormones aren’t directly associated with erectile dysfunction in terms of getting an erection, in terms of proper blood flow, but it’s definitely important in terms of with the whole libido, having the desire. If you have no desire, if you’re too tired, if you don’t have the sexual energy for sex, you generally not going to have an erection. So that’s where the main focus of hormones are is to get your body back in shape for sex.

This method that we were talking about center on nitric oxide production. Not so much testosterone, but the other methods. Center on nitric oxide production. Now, the nitric oxide therapy is an integral part of how to do this, trying to get enough L-Arginine into your system, trying to get enough nitric oxide into your system strictly through diet is very difficult. So what we want to do is do supplements.

Herbs For Semen Enhancement

Today’s topic is going to be about fertility herbs for men and how to get started using them. So I’m going to focus in on the three most important herbs and then how men can get started to support their fertility and increase sperm count.

So where to get started with all this? The first thing is I’m going to focus on three main herbs. The thing about fertility herbs is they are my favorite; I absolutely love them, they work well but might have to wait for the lawnmower to go by. But you have to have a healthy nutritional bases before you can start using herbs or you are not going to work that well.

So if you don’t have a healthy nutritional basis, a lot of times the fertility herbs aren’t going to work that well. Because the way that herbs work in the system is they are supporting the body, they are supporting the specific system in the body. But that system is going to need specific nutrients in order to function and make materials such as hormones, different metabolic effects on the body, it pulls from what you are eating, it is pulling from amino acids, and the fat, and the various things that you have in your diet in order to make those. So if you want to support the system, you got to make sure the ingredients that the system needs to function and produce (hormones etc.) are available.

So diet is always number one even for men. But it is going to be a whole foods diet that is focused on organic, fruits, vegetables; proteins are great, healthy fats, staying away from too much sugar and processed foods. That’s kind of the basis. And also making sure you are getting plenty of fiber. You can eat beans you, can eat green veggies for your fiber. So that’s like really a small recap of something that’s really big. But just know that diet is going to be the foundation of everything.

Okay, so onto the herbs. So these are the three herbs,  there’s a handful herb you can use for male fertility, but I thought these are the most important in a great place for the majority of you to start today. So the first is going to be American ginseng. There are a couple of different types of ginseng, so that’s why I say American ginseng. Korean ginseng which is one that we wouldn’t use for this purpose. But American ginseng is fantastic. So American ginseng is an adaptogenic herb. And adaptogenic herbs are herbs that help to support a system in the body, they can be used for long-term, they are very safe to use, and they work as a tonic. They help to bring general health to the body, into a system of the body.

I think every man should look into American ginseng and should be on American ginseng, regardless if they are trying to get pregnant. It is amazing for men. It is like the male tonic. So perfect male tonic. It’s is also recommended to use one of these semen volume pills

The Most Prevalent Type of Female Sexual Disorder

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD is characterized by often low drive or low libido, which may be characterized by low initiation, low motivation, or lack of motivation to engage in sexual activity, and lack of receptivity to partner’s interest in having sexual encounters. HSDD may lead to low levels of confidence, decreased mood, loss of self-esteem or sense of femininity. It also may have a significant impact on the relationship with a woman’s partner, who is affected by this condition and may, therefore, have a very negative effect on quality-of-life.

Distressing low sexual desire is the most prevalent sexual disorder and women of all ages. While desire problems increase with age, distress about low desire decreases with age, so this is actually a problem that’s relatively constant across the ages and affect somewhere around ten to twelve percent of all women.

Barriers to identification and diagnosis

These barriers include:

  • lack of time, lack of knowledge or training in sexual disorders and their treatment;
  • reimbursement issues;
  • coding issues;
  • they may have personal issues with talking about sexuality that may not be an area of comfort;
  • a condition when they suffer from what we call ageism, in other words, they don’t believe older patients have sex;
  • they may have biases or negative attitudes toward people with alternative sexual behaviors;
  • they made up indoors homosexuality, or polyamory, or other variations and sexual behavior.

Identification and diagnosis of FSD in patients can be improved in a few different ways. Firstly I think there needs to be increased patient awareness or patient education. And this can be done through pamphlets, or in physicians offices, or questions on intake forms as well as patient handouts that patients are given as they leave the office.

To improve identification a diagnosis of FSD in patients clinician behavior really could play a very big role in improving the detection. Clinicians need to ask screening questions, general questions that allow women to know that this is a topic of discussion. They can focus on the specific life phase or experience of the patients such as childbirth or menopause and related to the possibility of changes in sexuality. Intake forms could have questions about sexual dysfunction and give the message to patients that the topic can be raised. Clinicians can also engage in programs that offer education that can raise their knowledge base about sexual disorders and their management.

Women’s perspective

Women often feel when they have a low sexual desire that it’s bit mysterious. “What happened when I used to see my partner, used to get excited or hot when he walked in the room?”, or she would feel anticipation about it, you know the possibility of sexual event in your future. And women will say that feeling has just gone away, that urge, that drive, that enthusiasm. And they find themselves in fact sometimes even being avoidant of the possibility of sexual encounters. And women often see this is very mysterious: “What happened to it? I don’t know what happened to it?”

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How To Grow Your Bust Using Special Exercises And Techniques?


There are several ways to feel beautiful in this modern period. Some people would do plastic surgery while others would receive breast implant. But the main trend in beauty recently is still to have a bigger bust. Certainly you can take plenty of butt enlargement pills or cream to make your bust bigger. But why would you have your body poisoned by such chemical substance? You can make your bust bigger using a regular exercise that you can do every day. Here are four of the most common exercises and techniques to grow your bust.

Doing the plank walk


Plank walk is just an alternative of the regular plank. The first step to do it is by getting ready in the planking position. Once you have done so, try to move as if you are crawling but still in the planning position. First, you have to lift your right hand and your left foot and try to walk it off to the right direction. Do it with your opposite foot and hand until you are displaced from your original position. And finally, you do it in the opposite direction for several times.

Doing the plank reach


Planking is generally suitable for bust exercise because it targets the central chest area. After the plank walk, you can do the plank reach. The step is also very easy. First, you have to get ready in the plank position. Next, reach your right hand outward as if you are trying to grab something in front of you. Your body must stay in the planking position in this time. Next, put your right hand back in the plank position and change it using your left hand. Once you have done this, repeat it again until ten or twelve repetitions.

Push up with a shoulder reach


Other than planking, you can make your boobs bigger by doing a push-up. But this push up is rather different than the regular push up. First, you will have to position yourself in the ordinary push-up position. But instead of doing the regular push up, stay in the position and try to lift your right hand. After that tap your left shoulder with your right hand. Do it alternatively with your left hand and your right shoulder. Do it several times so that you can do it in several repetition.

Bench press using small dumbbell


The male will usually do a bench press to target their chest muscle. The same principle can be applied when exercising for your breast. Using a small dumbbell in both of your hands, you can do the standard bench press position by lying on your back. Let your hand straight in front of your chest and carefully bring your hands down to the side of your boobs. Do this in ten repetitions from the top to the side of your breasts. Not only this will tone the muscle tissue in your boobs, but it will also make it bigger and firmer if you do it as a routine.

How To Choose Penis Enlargement Pills?


It is a common thing for men to wanting a bigger size of the penis. The larger size of the penis is sometimes considered more attractive and more capable of pleasing their spouse. For that very reason, so many men would buy penis enlargement pills in order to get the best result. But do you know that just like a penis, penis enlargement pills are not created equally? There are some pills that are better than the others. Here are our best tips for you when choosing a penis enlargement pills. We hope it helps you in choosing the right one.

The Pricing


Of course, the first thing that you should notice is the pricing of the pills. Some pills are just way too expensive even though they might have the same impact as the cheaper ones. For that reason, you need to compare the pricing first before buying. First, you must decide the budget that you have to purchase the penis enlargement pills. Next, you must see the promised benefits that are listed on the package of the penis enlargement pills. If it has the same effect and quality, always choose one that is cheaper. A more expensive pills do not always mean more effectivity.

Read the Review


Reading and comparing the pricing is just one step of picking the right penis enlargement pills. You also need to combine it with the reviews from the previous client. If a product is so expensive but it receives so many positive reviews from the customer, it may be right to purchase. The same thing should apply on the cheaper ones. There are pills that are not that expensive, but they are known for their efficiency and effectivity from the reviews. Reviews from the customer help the most because they speak from experience.

Read the Ingredients


The next step in finding the best enlargement pills is by being aware of what they put inside the pill. Some tablets are made out of totally natural ingredients. They use the best natural herbs which have natural effects on our body. Some other pills would prefer to use chemically produced ingredients to alter the substance in our body. These types of pills are not good for our body because it can break our bodily system if used for a long time. It will be so much better if you pick the ones that are made out of pure natural ingredients.

Aware of the Benefits

When we are choosing a penis enlargement pills, we tend to focus on one primary advantage that is to enlarge the penis. But that is not the only benefit that we should focus on. It is better if you are looking for another benefit that can help you in bed with your spouse. For instance, you should look for a pill that can add stamina in bed. It is also recommendable that a penis enlargement pills should help you erect a lot longer. Another benefit of being seen from a penis enlargement pills is the increased of sexual satisfaction and orgasm.