How I Take Care of My Acne Skin


I used to have severe acne. I’m not saying that my skin is perfect now. I’ve come such a long way, and want to tell you what I’m currently doing with my skincare, what changed my skin up. I want to help a lot of you that are bowing with acne. Because most teenagers have acne. When I was in middle school, my skin was so bad. It’s getting better now; I have a better sense of what to do with my skin because I am more familiar with it and I know how it works.

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My number one tip is never to poke a pimple, never squeeze it. Don’t do anything to it; it leaves scars. I have scars, and I wish that I never touched it. So, if your skin is starting to break out, don’t start poking your pimples, don’t ever poke your pimples.


Before I elaborate on my skincare routine, there’s one thing that changed my skin. One of my mom’s friends recommended this to me. It’s the apple stem cell. I know some of my friends used to have this and it was claimed just an advertisement. But there’s something about it that whenever I take it, my skin gets clearer so much quicker compared to if I skip the day or skip two days. I can see the effect immediately. If you are having severe problems as I had, my forehead was just full of pimples, it was so annoying, and this helped me calm it down. The only bad thing I think about this is that there is reliance. I depend on this so much, I always have to repurchase, and it doesn’t fix my skin completely. But if you want to try something that would work immediately, the apple stem cells drastically changed my skin.


I’m going to start with my night care routine. I always make sure that I cleanse my face. Removing makeup is such an important step. That’s why if you have a lot of bumps on your face or your skin, they are caused by makeup that you didn’t get rid of at night. I like to take a makeup wipe and remove the surface of the makeup. I always want to double cleanse. I use a face gel to clean my face. I tried the cleansing oil, and it leaves my skin so greasy, and I don’t feel clean at all.


And my last cleanse is using my Clarisonic brush. Once you start using the face brush, you are going to experience a purge. Not all of you but most of you probably will because it is removing the dead cells and resurfacing the cells that want to break out. It gets inside the pores. What I also like about the Clarisonic is that it has a timer, so I know how long I should stay in a particular area. One thing I do want to remind yoг is that if you are going to need the Clarisonic, make sure to change your brushes every three months because buildup on the brush is possible. And if you keep using the same brush, then that’s just putting more dirt on your face.

Lately, I’ve been trying the African bar soap. I do see a difference in my skin. It is more moisturized. I’ve never used a cleanser that is so gentle and just comfortable after washing it.