Anti-Wrinkles Massages Review

In this article, I will tell you some Korean beauty secrets. Don’t go anywhere and keep reading until the very end because we’re going to be introducing the secret to have to get that baby face and a unique massage that can help you to stay looking young.

You may be curious how to do anti-aging massages. I am going to tell you about some Korean anti-aging massages that are very effective. Your skin should not be irritated; we want to reduce the irritation as much as possible. To reduce irritation, do these massages when the skin is moisturized. Put on massage cream or put on your night moisturizer and then massage and that will help to reduce the irritation. Perform the massage using a facial oil to make the process much easier.


Now it’s the V-line. These massages help to ease the muscles around your jaw area, and it helps with skin’s elasticity. In the case of our gentleman, whose muscles are more intense, we suggest that you use a facial oil and that will help to ease the muscles much more.

  1. Closing both hands into fists, lightly follow upward from the middle of the chin to the area behind the ears.
  2. Placing your fists behind your ears, massage with circular motions.
  3. Repeat ten times.


Now, these are the massages to improve dark circles. This is a massage that’s going to help with dark circles by helping the blood circulation around your eyes. This can be much better with you rubbing your hands together and using the heat from your hand.

  1. Use the thumbs to lightly give pressure from the front of the brows to the outer brow.
  2. Using the point finger and middle finger, slightly press the area below the eyes from the front of your eyes to the outer corners.
  3. Please repeat this motion ten times.


Now, this is a massage to prevent frown lines. This massage not only helps to prevent the brown wrinkles but it also contributes to getting rid of the fatigue around your eyes.

  1. Ball up both hands into fists.
  2. Starting from the temples lightly press the skin in a diagonal line for three seconds or longer.
  3. Repeat ten times.


The last one is for our laugh lines. To help the muscle be lifted around our laugh lines, the main point here is to expand the skin on the areas of your cheeks by holding air in the mouth.

  1. Lightly close the mouth and puff up the cheeks with air. Maintain for five seconds.
  2. Repeat this motion, changing sides each time.
  3. Repeat ten times.

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