How To Grow Your Bust Using Special Exercises And Techniques?


There are several ways to feel beautiful in this modern period. Some people would do plastic surgery while others would receive breast implant. But the main trend in beauty recently is still to have a bigger bust. Certainly you can take plenty of butt enlargement pills or cream to make your bust bigger. But why would you have your body poisoned by such chemical substance? You can make your bust bigger using a regular exercise that you can do every day. Here are four of the most common exercises and techniques to grow your bust.

Doing the plank walk


Plank walk is just an alternative of the regular plank. The first step to do it is by getting ready in the planking position. Once you have done so, try to move as if you are crawling but still in the planning position. First, you have to lift your right hand and your left foot and try to walk it off to the right direction. Do it with your opposite foot and hand until you are displaced from your original position. And finally, you do it in the opposite direction for several times.

Doing the plank reach


Planking is generally suitable for bust exercise because it targets the central chest area. After the plank walk, you can do the plank reach. The step is also very easy. First, you have to get ready in the plank position. Next, reach your right hand outward as if you are trying to grab something in front of you. Your body must stay in the planking position in this time. Next, put your right hand back in the plank position and change it using your left hand. Once you have done this, repeat it again until ten or twelve repetitions.

Push up with a shoulder reach


Other than planking, you can make your boobs bigger by doing a push-up. But this push up is rather different than the regular push up. First, you will have to position yourself in the ordinary push-up position. But instead of doing the regular push up, stay in the position and try to lift your right hand. After that tap your left shoulder with your right hand. Do it alternatively with your left hand and your right shoulder. Do it several times so that you can do it in several repetition.

Bench press using small dumbbell


The male will usually do a bench press to target their chest muscle. The same principle can be applied when exercising for your breast. Using a small dumbbell in both of your hands, you can do the standard bench press position by lying on your back. Let your hand straight in front of your chest and carefully bring your hands down to the side of your boobs. Do this in ten repetitions from the top to the side of your breasts. Not only this will tone the muscle tissue in your boobs, but it will also make it bigger and firmer if you do it as a routine.