Herbs For Semen Enhancement

Today’s topic is going to be about fertility herbs for men and how to get started using them. So I’m going to focus in on the three most important herbs and then how men can get started to support their fertility and increase sperm count.

So where to get started with all this? The first thing is I’m going to focus on three main herbs. The thing about fertility herbs is they are my favorite; I absolutely love them, they work well but might have to wait for the lawnmower to go by. But you have to have a healthy nutritional bases before you can start using herbs or you are not going to work that well.

So if you don’t have a healthy nutritional basis, a lot of times the fertility herbs aren’t going to work that well. Because the way that herbs work in the system is they are supporting the body, they are supporting the specific system in the body. But that system is going to need specific nutrients in order to function and make materials such as hormones, different metabolic effects on the body, it pulls from what you are eating, it is pulling from amino acids, and the fat, and the various things that you have in your diet in order to make those. So if you want to support the system, you got to make sure the ingredients that the system needs to function and produce (hormones etc.) are available.

So diet is always number one even for men. But it is going to be a whole foods diet that is focused on organic, fruits, vegetables; proteins are great, healthy fats, staying away from too much sugar and processed foods. That’s kind of the basis. And also making sure you are getting plenty of fiber. You can eat beans you, can eat green veggies for your fiber. So that’s like really a small recap of something that’s really big. But just know that diet is going to be the foundation of everything.

Okay, so onto the herbs. So these are the three herbs, ┬áthere’s a handful herb you can use for male fertility, but I thought these are the most important in a great place for the majority of you to start today. So the first is going to be American ginseng. There are a couple of different types of ginseng, so that’s why I say American ginseng. Korean ginseng which is one that we wouldn’t use for this purpose. But American ginseng is fantastic. So American ginseng is an adaptogenic herb. And adaptogenic herbs are herbs that help to support a system in the body, they can be used for long-term, they are very safe to use, and they work as a tonic. They help to bring general health to the body, into a system of the body.

I think every man should look into American ginseng and should be on American ginseng, regardless if they are trying to get pregnant. It is amazing for men. It is like the male tonic. So perfect male tonic. It’s is also recommended to use one of these semen volume pills