Welcome to all and sundry.

I am a writer, based in Kansas City. You have stumbled across my vain attempt to be a little less anonymous.

In my life, I have been a bank teller, an assembly-line worker, a bartender, telemarketer, a gas dock attendant and, worst of all, an accountant. I grew up in tiny Red Oak, Iowa, attended the University of Missouri, lived in Chicago for awhile and here I am.

These days, I live in midtown Kansas City and make my living as a sports writer, copy editor and page designer for the Kansas City Star. This site is merely a collection of links to blogs I author all too infrequently. Enjoy.

The Blogs

*My stream-of-consciousness hun and outlet for political rants.

Royalties & Cardinalate
*A Missouri baseball blog, co-authored with my brother.

In their time
*A literary blog and tribute to Paris of the 1920’s.

Five Easy Pieces
*A blog on cinema, high-brow television and culture.

The Stat Guy
*My officially-sanctioned KS Star blog and article archive