The most expensive Premier League transfers this summer are?

The transfer window is almost closed, and it’s time to look at the most expensive transfers of the Premier League this summer.
The English Premier League is a very important tournament for the teams. It’ll be the main tournament of the season, and the teams will try to win it.
This year, the top 4 teams have a lot of interesting transfers.
Of course, the main transfer of the summer is the acquisition of Eden Hazard from Chelsea. The Belgian is a player who has been the main star of the Chelsea team for a long time. He is a good player, and he’d be able to help the team in a lot.
Another transfer that’ve been made this summer is that of the young midfielder from Manchester United, Anthony Martial. The Portuguese player has already shown that he is one of the best players in the world. He’re a player that can become a good replacement for the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo.
However, the most interesting transfer of this summer has to be the acquisition by Manchester United of Riyad Mahrez. The player has a lot to offer the team, and his transfer can be considered as a good decision.
In the English Premier league, the teams have to play against each other for the champion title. This is the main trophy of the English championship, and many teams are trying to win this trophy.

The most interesting matches of the current season are:
* Liverpool vs. Manchester City;
* Chelsea vs. Arsenal;

* Manchester United vs. Tottenham.
It’ s time to watch the matches of these teams, and you can find the schedule of the matches on the website of sports statistics.
What are the main transfers of this season?
The season of the EPL is coming to an end, and now the teams are ready to fight for the title. The main transfer that the teams made this season is the transfer of Riyed Mahrez from Manchester City.
Manchester City bought the player for the price of 100 million. The transfer of Mahrez is a great decision, because the player is a young player who can become an important player for his team.
Mahrez is already a good goalkeeper, and this transfer will allow the team to strengthen the position of the position.
Also, the team bought a defender, and they will use him in the position where he was before the transfer.
All the transfers of Manchester City this summer have been good for the team. The team has a good lineup, and its main player is still Cristiano.
There’ re a lot that can be improved, but the team has been able to do it, and that‘s why it‘ s called the best team in the league.
Who are the best teams of the championship?
This season, the best club of the league is Manchester City, and all the teams of this club have a chance to win the champion trophy. The best team of the Championship of England is Manchester United.
Many people think that Manchester United is the best football club in the whole world, but it“s not true. The club has a bad lineup, but they are able to fix it. The players of the team have a good teamwork, and their game is very good.
Despite the fact that the team is not the best in the championship, the fans are very interested in the matches that the players have to do.
You can watch the games of the players of Manchester United on the sports statistics website.
Where can you find the results of the Manchester United matches?
You should go to the website where the results are available. It is very easy to find the information about the matches, and here you will find the statistics of the games that the Manchester City players have played.
During the season of English Premier, the City players played against a lot, and a lot have been won. The City players won the title of the champion, and in the last rounds they won the trophy. It was the first time in the history of the club that the club won the champion’ trophy. This season, Manchester City won the championship of England for the first and only time.
As for the results, the club has won the following tournaments:
1. FA Cup.
2. League Cup.
3. League One.
4. League Two.
5. League Championship.
6. UEFA Champions League.
7. UEFA Europa League. ​​The club has played in the Champions League for the last time, and, as a result, it won the Europa League for a second time. ​ ​ ​The team has won in the Premier league for the second time in a row, and so far it has won every match of the Champions league. The team is very confident and plays with a good rhythm.
At the website, you can see the results and the statistics about the games, and then you can make the decision about the team that you want to follow.
Which players of City are the most important?
There are a lot players of this team, but some of them are the key players of their team. They are:
1) Sergio Aguero.

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